Michael Pisaro: Ricefall(2)

  • Season: 2016-17
  • Series: Abrons Arts Center, OpenICE
  • Premiere Region: World Premiere
  • Performers: The International Contemporary Ensemble is joined by the University of South Carolina Experimental Music Workshop, directed by Greg Stuart
  • Duration: 72:00

Composer's Notes

This version of ricefall (2) (which I call ‘ricefall (2b)) adds sine tones and parts for instrumentalists to the parts for falling rice. I was interested in exploring the relationship of tone (or harmony) to noise – in four sections (each 18 minutes). After the introduction of the tones in section I, three strategies are used: section II – saturation / section III – progression (through a series of microtonally altered seventh chords) / section IV – limits (very low and very high sounds). - Michael Pisaro, Oct. 25, 2016