Julio Estrada: miqi’cihuatl (2004)

  • Season: 2013-14
  • Series: Miller Theatre
  • Composer Name: Julio Estrada
  • Composer Dates: b. 1943
  • Performers: Tony Arnold, voice

Audio provided by New York’s Q2 Music at q2music.org:
George Wellington (technical director), Chase Culpon (mix engineer), Bill Moss

Musicological Comments

Here the title is made up of two Nahuatl words, meaning “death” and “woman.” The piece is one of several Estrada has excerpted from his opera, giving us “the voice of the absent mother, heard by the imagination.” It is not a voice that stays with us for long. What we hear—protest? lament? warning? encouragement?—could be a brief intervention from an eternal world. (Program Notes by Paul Griffiths)