Hernandez: Songs Beyond the Margin (2014)

  • Season: 2014-15
  • Series: ICElab
  • Performers: Peter Tantsits, voice
    Peter Evans, trumpet
    Ryan Muncy, sax
    Cory Smythe, piano
    Tony Flynt, bass
    Ross Karre, percussion
  • Duration: 29:35

Commissioned through ICElab, Songs Beyond the Margin is a new song cycle from composer Juan Camilo Hernández Sánchez inspired by the texts of Depression-era poet Herman Spector, mapping the poverty and indignation permeating urban life. Juan Camilo's unique musical take on these texts incorporate a stage band modeled after 20's era jazz bands, and headed by superstar tenor Peter Tantsits.

Songs Beyond the Margin has been commissioned with support from the French-American Fund for Contemporary Music, a program of FACE with major support from the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, SACEM, Institut Français and the Florence Gould Foundation.