Burkhardt: Warka Vase and Lamassu

  • Performance Date: 2014
  • Season: 2014-15
  • Series: ICElab
  • Composer Name: Rick Burkhardt
  • Performers: Ross Karre, percussion
    Nathan Davis, percussion
    Joshua Modney, violin
    Kyle Armbrust, viola
    Kivie Cahn-Lipman, cello
    David Byrd-Marrow, horn
  • Duration: 19:26
  • Auxiliary/Principal Collaborators: Project Lead: Ross Karre

Warka Vase, which takes its name from an ancient vase looted from Iraq’s National Museum in Baghdad after the fall of the Iraqi government in 2003, is a musical cycle inspired by the long and circuitous journey of some of these smuggled objects of great cultural importance, including the US’s tangled history in both the loss and recovery of these objects. Delivered as a mysterious and captivating audio tour through the National Museum, Rick Burkhardt's captivating piece conjures the sights, sounds and cultural associations of these objects.